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Christ PU College - Residential strives to create diverse, highly talented students who challenge each other to achieve their full potential and still remain as one family. It has been the institution's consistent endeavour to provide quality education to its students, inculcate discipline as well as provide an opportunity for holistic development. The ethos of the place is naturally conducive to the development of togetherness and individual growth. The institute welcomes students of all regions to live, work, play and grow together as a family. Welcome to this centre of learning.


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Believing that ' Tastes and talents differ ' the college recognizes the capacities, capabilities and potentials of students in curricular and co-curricular activities.

The college holds the ' Talents' Day ' event for the freshers within a months' time of their arrival in college. Throughout the year the college holds curricular, co-curricular and sports and games' competitions. The winners are felicitated on a special day named as ' Proficiency Award Day'. Proficiency awards for Subject Toppers, Stream Toppers, Best Library User award, Best Dormitory award, Best Sports Person, Best Outgoing Student and Best House are only a few of the awards received by our students on the day reserved for the same as well as on Annual Day.

Our students are a class of their own. This is proven time and again when they showcase their talents and achievements.

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