Core Values

The holistic development of an individual is attained through academic excellence and professional competence, personal, inter-personal and societal skills. The college is committed to its mission and vision in all its endeavours.

Christ PU College - Residential recognises intellectual competence, personal growth and spiritual enlightenment as the key elements of holistic development. With this perspective, we emphasise on the meticulous approach for attaining academic brilliance and goals. Christ PU College - Residential treats character formation, esteem building, and spiritual development as integral to personal skills and lays due emphasis on sharpening the same. At Christ PU College - Residential values of teamwork, empathy, and commitment to society gain significance in conveying to the students an impression of the surrounding world. The ideology of the college is naturally favourable to the development of personal growth. An effervescent student body and a diverse teaching fraternity make a perfect combination in evolving interpersonal and societal skills. The institution is founded on its commitment to the celebration of India's diverse cultural heritage, and is dedicated to nurturing the sentiment in its students. The backbone of personal growth is a positive and all-embracing value system. We uphold the following as core values essential for an individual's growth: Faith in God Moral uprightness Love of fellow beings Social responsibility Pursuit of excellence

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