Programme Design

Christ PU College Residential orientates its efforts and sets its targets to holistic education. Holistic education encompasses development of the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains.

Christ PU College - Residential has designed the academic programme to ensure attention to each of these domains.


Cognitive Domain

  • Complex thinking skills
  • Information gathering and processing skills
  • Collaboration and cooperation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Productive habits of mind (critical, creative and self regulated thinking)

Affective Domain

  • Discipline, Responsibility, Values and Leadership
  • Emotional intelligence, viz., ability to manage emotions, manage ones motivation,
  • Empathy and managing relationships.
  • Stages of development, viz., trust, autonomy, initiative, competence and identity.

Psychomotor Domain

  • Physical fitness - the emphasis is on strength, endurance, flexibility, speed and coordination.
  • Skill at individual and team games.


Holistic development of students is ensured through three complementary processes. Each student is assessed on the various parameters of each of the three domains. This ensures that they focus on these areas and fabricate creditable performances.

Simultaneously, through our tutorial system each teacher mentors 8 to 10 students round the year to ensure that regular coaching and counselling is available to them. At the start of the academic year, students set targets for achievement in each of the parameters that are assessed. Their progress is thereafter monitored regularly right through the year by the study tutor and interventions provided whenever necessary. This is reviewed every month by the House Mentor and Principal.

The College stresses on "Experiential Learning". This is comprehended by field experience and project work; simple or complex integrated learning projects, such that each student can apply his acquired knowledge to test that creates an unforgettable experience of fun, joy and enduring learning The learning processes are perhaps the most distinctive feature at Christ PU College - Residential. We aim at making the students autonomous, lifelong learners, excelling academically and in all manners, growing up as healthy and responsible citizens, ready to occupy leadership positions


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