Residential Facilities

In a residential set up the campus takes on a new dimension. Christ Residential recognizes the need to recreate for all its residents the warmth and security of home while simultaneously conveying an impress of the surrounding world.

Christ Residential provides accommodation, complete with food, laundry and recreation facilities to the students. Spacious and well laid out rooms; warden supervision, hygienic and safe kitchen facilities, medical checkups, telephone and state of the art gymnasium are just some of the amenities.


Each room houses six to seven students and is furnished with individual beds, table, table lamp, chair, and individual storage space for clothing.

Housekeeping Service

The College provides housekeeping service on alternate days. In accordance with the schedule mentioned on the message board, all residents are urged to make their rooms available to the House keeping staff. Maintaining tidiness in the personal as well as the common living spaces constitutes an everyday responsibility of each resident.

Dining Hall

The Canteen serves up dishes that are rich in both nutrition as well as hygienic value. The menu offers the wide range of delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, which are prepared and served at separate counters. The dining hall comes with a squeaky-clean image. It creates an unforgettable ambience that perfectly complements its balanced menu and attentive service. It also has a huge overhead screen to sensitize the students on the global issues and current needs.


Each floor is equipped with many telephone booths. In general all telephones are blocked for outgoing calls. Residents can receive all types of calls but will have their incoming calls restricted between 9:00am to 4:00pm and 10:00pm – 6:00am, but in case of emergency the resident will be intimated the message of the call. Residents who wish to make an ougoing call must make use of the phone available at the counter. Students are not allowed to use mobile phones on campus.

Access to Rooms

The management reserves itself the right to enter any resident's room at any time for reasons of emergency, health, safety or urgent maintenance. In general, and whenever possible, every effort will be made to notify the residents in advance. Outsiders, including guests, are not entertained for accommodation within the campus.

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance problems are the exclusive concern of the residents. Request Form/ Complaint Register available at the Front Desk should be submitted/ filled in the first sign of a problem.


Mail is sent directly to the resident-student's respective mailbox. To ensure prompt delivery, the following form of mailing address should be used:

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