Rules and Regulations

Code of conduct

  • Respect for the basic rights of other residents.
  • Respect for college property, as well as the personal property of other res-idents.
  • Refraining from activities that interfere with the normal operations of the college.
  • Preparedness to provide identity card, upon request by any authorised col-lege official.
  • Ensure that the guest/s always behave in a manner consistent with the col-lege policies.
  • Maintain silence, especially during study time and during night time (from 22:00hrs to 6:00 hrs).
  • During the period of examinations, residents are required to keep the noise level down, round the clock i.e., 24 hours.
  • Residents should promptly comply with any request by co-residents to re-duce sound level.


  • Students are not permitted to keep any money (including credit/debit cards) with them. The college does not permit the handling or keeping of cash by any student.
  • Use and possession of electronic gadgets as cell phones, ipods, radios, etc, are not allowed in the campus.
  • Any student leaving the college campus without permission from the prin-cipal or the in-charge of administration will do so at the risk and responsi-bility of the parent.
  • There is a continuous effort to instil high moral qualities in the residents, but should any resident persist with any anti-social act; he will be liable to serious disciplinary action, even expulsion, as deemed fit by the manage-ment.
  • A student involved in any immoral act is liable to be expelled without any warning and there will be no reconsideration whatsoever.
  • The resident is not permitted to possess any sordid reading / viewing ma-terial. The student shall also render himself for a possible expulsion if he views or possesses such material.
  • To maintain discipline and inculcate the habit of punctuality, overstay of leave shall be liable to a fine. The rate to be levied will be determined by the college authorities from time to time.
  • No student is allowed to buy, sell or exchange goods or lend or borrow money from each other or from the staff members, nor are they allowed todo so with any outsider especially when they go on outing from the college.
  • Intoxication of any kind is not permitted on the college campus. Any stu-dent indulging in drinking, smoking or using drugs will be immediately expelled without any warning.
  • In an endeavour to maintain a total sense of equality, the college discour-ages tuck from home; hence, parents should also refrain from giving ex-pensive tuck to their children.
  • No food parcels will be accepted or delivered tothe students from anybody


  • Children will be allowed to go on leave only on authorised days as per the college calendar.
  • Parents/Guardians must come to collect their children themselves, to en-hance interaction and understanding between parents and members of the staff. This also gives the child a feeling of being loved and cared for.
  • No student is allowed to leave alone or with friends. If any parents so de-sires, then a letter or written authority should be sent to the college well in advance by the parent/guardian who got the child admitted. Telephonic messages will not be accepted.
  • Under normal circumstances no leave will be sanctioned during academic terms, however, special leave of absence of two days plus journey time may be granted in the case of marriage of the student's or the parent's own brother / sister.
  • Leave for serious illness of blood relatives or in times of bereavement, one day plus journey time for condolence of any immediate relation may also be granted.
  • Medical leave will be granted as advised by a qualified physician who should certify the duration of such a leave.
  • Driven by the spirit of the golden rule of healthy living 'SHARE THE JOY' students are expected to celebrate their birthday and other important days with everyone on the campus.
  • Parents/Guardians will be permitted to visit the students only on visiting weekends, mentioned in the college calendar and not on any other day or holiday.

Dress code

  • Students are expected to dress appropriatelyin class, during laboratory, sports and cultural activities.
  • During any formal/official events, students are required to follow official dress code; which includes dark blue blazer and trousers, white long sleeved formal shirt, maroon tie with only a light pattern, black laced shoes and socks and black belt.
  • Informal dress can be worn in the evenings after 4:00pm, but it should be decent and tidy at all the times, as appropriate for the environment they live in.
  • For morning jogging and evening sports activities students are expected to wear sports dress, which includes vest and shorts.
  • Students must maintain a professional appearance while attending classes and/or on official events which includes formal shirts (unobtrusive in style and colour), formal trousers, black leather shoes, black socks, black colour belts and black sweater (which is optional).
  • Avoid wearing inappropriate clothing or footwear during the normal college day including:
    • Work shirt/Lumberjack type shirts/Polo shirts or other rugby, polo/roll-top sweaters, sleeveless shirts, tight slacks/pants,bermudas,Slippers/Sandals/Bathroom chappals.
    • Hair should be trimmed to medium size. Dyeing or any form of col-ouring of hair is not allowed.
    • Students are expected not to tattoo their body.

General Rules

  • Parents are advised to please keep the college informed of any changes in postal address, e-mail id or change in telephone numbers, in writing, as this is very vital in case of emergencies.
  • Whenever parents/ guardians come to the college they must make it a point to visit the college office.
  • Please refrain from giving any valuables to the children like ornaments, cameras, audio/visual equipment, etc. The college will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the same.
  • The college maintains and has the right to exercise mild censorship of let-ters of the children as this is purely in their interest. •The college will not accept any money orders.
  • All correspondents of the parent regarding the welfare of the child, sugges-tions/complaints, fees, etc, must be addressed to the principal giving the name, class and roll number of the student.
  • It is the bounden duty and right of the parents to make suggestions/com-plaints for which a Grievance/Suggestion box is maintained in the college office.
  • No verbal assurances alleged to have been given by any member of the staff would be binding on the college. Similarly, no verbal statements made by parents will be accepted. Parents must write to the college on any point they wish to make.
  • Parents are strictly prohibited from giving tips of any kind, money or gifts to any servant or member of the staff. Breach of this will beviewed very seriously.
  • The college is a 'NO SMOKING ZONE'. Parents / Guardians / Visitors are requested to refrain from smoking or drinking liquor in the campus.
  • Parents / Visitors are prohibited from entering the living room. If they so desire, then prior permission of the administrator must be obtained and a member of staff must be in accompaniment.
  • The college management reserves the right to change, amend, add or delete any of the above mentioned rules and regulations, at any time without any prior notice.

Library Rules

  • The library is kept open every day from 8:30am to 5:00 pm.
  • Students can borrow only two books at a time from the library using their borrower's card.
  • The books can be issued only for a duration of one week and in case of emergency requirement, the book can be re-issued for another week. The librarian has every right to recall the book at any time, if the need arises.
  • Failure to return the book on the due date would entail payment of a fine.
  • The previous volumes of the periodicals will be issued, but only for a pe-riod of two days.
  • In the event of loss/damage of the book/periodicals, the student has to ei-ther reimburse the cost of the book or replace with a new book.
  • Writing on the library books or spoiling the book would warrant replace-ment of the defaced book by the concerned student.
  • Replace the books/periodicals in their respective shelf, after usage.
  • Reference books are only meant for reference and not for circulation.
  • All students should return their issued books and library cards back to the librarian before the commencement of annual examination and get the no-due certificate issued from the librarian.
  • Silence should be maintained in the library and any sort of discussion in the library is considered to be a punishable offence.
  • Students should notcarry their personal belongings except note books in-side the library.
  • The librarian is not responsible for any loss/ damage to the personal be-longings of students

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