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The role of education is to encourage learners to seek for answers as it would pave ways for them to blossom into a fully functioning human being. It should be a continuous process of boosting the seekers to think creatively, so that they would be ready to confront unfamiliar and alien situations by thinking for themselves. In addition to nurturing the students towards a successful career path, true education must serve to enkindle the spirit of inquiry and sense of wonder latent in all human beings. In addition to transforming human capital into research, innovations and sustainable development, true education must touch us personally by leading students towards realization of oneself in his/her surroundings. The purpose of educational institution today is not just to produce efficient professionals, but also to raise well-formed aesthetic, ethical and rational human beings.

With his Pallikoodam in Mananam, St. Kuriakose alias Chavara never sought to "manufacture" the learners as products useful for the society, but he craved for making the downtrodden get empowered by liberating them from the mind-set of slavery and servitude. Inspired by the mission of St. Chavara, Christ PU College – Residential aims to provide education that would edify and transform lives by instilling the values of 'excellence and service'. With a vision of imparting holistic education, Christ PU College – Residential seeks to develop the cognitive, affective and conative dimensions of the students. As a student-centered institution, Christ PU College - Residential respects the individual differences among the students and helps them bloom in their own ways to become holistic human.

We seek to bring out boys who not only would become future leaders with 21 century skills for success, fame and achievement, but also life-long learners who would look at the beauty of trees, smell the fragrance of flowers, dream of the horizon where the sky and the earth meet each other and listen to songs of the birds and act proactively.

Welcome abode, and hold up the beacon for tomorrow!

Principal : Fr. Jiby Jose E CMI - MA, PhD(Pursuing)


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