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My 2 years at Christ PU College -Residential was very memorable with fun-filled moments. It has one of the best Infrastructure with well experienced staff who motivated me to excel forward. Through various events and programmes, Christ PU College - Residential provided an overall development in my academics, sports, social,leadership and personality skills.


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Christ PU College - Residential strives to create diverse, highly talented students who challenge each other to achieve their full potential and still remain as one family. It has been the institution's consistent endeavour to provide quality education to its students, inculcate discipline as well as provide an opportunity for holistic development. The ethos of the place is naturally conducive to the development of togetherness and individual growth. The institute welcomes students of all regions to live, work, play and grow together as a family. Welcome to this centre of learning.




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My 2 years at Christ PU College -Residential was very memorable with fun-filled moments. It has one of the best Infrastructure with well experienced staff who motivated me to excel forward. Through various events and programmes, Christ PU College - Residential provided an overall development in my academics, sports, social,leadership and personality skills.



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We believe that an educational institution should act in the capacity of both an intellectual as well as a physical gymnasium. The college provides excellent
facilities for indulging in sports and maintaining high physical fitness levels. Within the 70 acres you will find ideal training grounds for a wide range of
outdoor sporting activities. A Fitness Gym and an Aerobic Room afford the students and the staff, a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercises in the morning and
specially instituted yoga classes aim at marshalling the students' mental energies and enhancing their powers of concentration. The college has made provision for
both outdoor sports like Basketball, Football, Tennis, Cricket, and Track and Field events as well as indoor sports like Shuttle/Badminton, Table tennis, Chess,



The college provides hot and normal water facilities in the bathroom as part of the residential facilities. However, the solar system which heats up water may not be effective consistently all through the seasons as it depends on sunlight. There may be restrictions on the availability of hot water depending on the effectiveness of the system.



The College recognizes health benefits of a balanced diet in the all-round development of an individual. Towards this end, the kitchen serves up dishes that are rich in both nutrition as well as hygienic value. In keeping with the heightened levels of hygiene consciousness at Christ institutions, the dining hall comes with a squeaky-clean image. It creates an unforgettable ambience which complements the balanced menu and attentive service. The menu offers the choicest range of delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, which are prepared and served at separate counters. The kitchen is open every day during the specified meal.



A key to the room and their respective storage space is issued to each resident at the time of check-in. Room keys must be returned to the front desk each time the
resident leaves his hall. Residents are strictly prohibited to hand over their room key to anybody else. Residents will be charged for the replacement cost of the
keys if found missing.
The college strictly forbids its residents from taking the keys outside the residential area or making a copy of the same. Violation of this nature will entail
stringent disciplinary action.



An in-house infirmary serves to meet the normal healthcare needs of the residents. It is equipped with a bed, table, first-aid kit, and a minor OT. It is backed up with a well-known hospital in the locality, which is five kilometers away from the campus, for emergency situations. The college may conduct medical checkups, which are administered by doctors from various reputed hospitals in the city.



The management reserves itself the right to enter any resident's room at any time for reasons of emergency, health, safety and/or urgent maintenance. In general, if
possible, effort will be made to notify the residents in advance before the rooms are opened for checking. Outsiders, including guests, are not entertained for accommodation within the campus.



The college provides housekeeping service on alternate days. In accordance with the schedule mentioned on the message board, all residents are urged to make their rooms available to the maids. Any remarks, complaints, or suggestions about the maids working can be deposited at the front desk. Note that maintaining tidiness in the personal as well as the common living spaces constitutes an everyday responsibility of each resident.



Maintenance problems are the exclusive concern of the residents. Those seeking repair assistance must fill out a Service Request Form available at the Front Desk. Service requests should be submitted at the first sign of a problem. Under no circumstances should the residents attempt to carry out repairs on their own. They are urged to wait for the arrival of a qualified repair personnel. Charges for repairs that arise from negligence or irresponsible actions of the resident(s) will be fully borne by the particular resident(s). The term Emergency Repair applies to all major leaks and flooding problems, inoperative door-locks or any other problem that endangers property or safety. In case of an emergency, contact immediately the Front Desk or any resident staff member/warden.

Warning :Please do not keep any personal property other than what you are allowed to keep within your room. The college will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property as a result of theft, fire, breakage, vermin or any such cause, including, but not limited to, the loss or damage due to negligence of its employees, agents or representatives.


Residents can receive phone calls but will have their incoming calls restricted between 8.15 a.m. - 8.45 a.m., 8.00 p.m. - 8.30 p.m., but in case of emergency the resident will be intimated the message of the call. Residents who wish to call out must make use of the phone available at the counter. Students are not allowed to use or possess mobile phones on campus.


The campus houses a recreation room that may be accessed by the residents at select times (as per the schedule published). It features a Television set that comes with a cable network. Interested residents may also indulge in a game of carom, chess, and the like. The college perceives recreation time as a healthy diversion that promotes, albeit briefly, much needed emotional and intellectual distance from the Academic rigour.


The campus is supervised and protected 24 hours by a security system. As a precautionary measure, all residents and guests are required to carry proper identification at all times and produce the same upon request. We urge all our residents to comply with the college's policies concerning safety as they are drawn up in their interests.


Burning of candles and incense sticks constitutes a major cause of fire accidents. Residents are strictly prohibited from lighting candles or any other decorative objects involving flames, especially inside the residence halls.


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Library rules

  • The library is kept open every day from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Students can borrow only two books at a time from the library using their borrower's card
  • The books can be issued only for a duration of one week and in case of emergency requirement the book can be re-issued for another week. The librarian has every right to recall the book at any time, if the need arises.
  • Failure to return the book on the due date would entail payment of a fine.
  • The previous volumes of the periodicals will be issued but only for a period of two days.
  • In the event of loss/damage of the book/periodicals, the student has to either reimburse the cost of the book or replace with a new book.
  • Writing on the library books or despoiling the book would warrant replacement of the defaced book by the concerned student.
  • Replace the books / periodicals in their respective shelf, after usage.
  • Reference books are only meant for reference and not for circulation.
  • All students should return their issued books and library cards back to the librarian before the commencement of annual examination and get the no due certificate issued from the librarian.
  • Silence should be maintained in the library and any sort of discussion in the library is considered to be a punishable offence.
  • Students should not carry their personal belongings except note books inside the library. The librarian is not responsible for any loss / damage to the personal belongings of students.

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