About Christ PU College - Residential

The forward focus of our college stands on a tradition of "Excellence and Service" - we have a proud history of creativity, integrity, and success. Christ College is committed to making a real difference in human health, quality of life, and a better understanding of our physical world.

Christ PU College - Residential is a new venture from Christ College. The college offers Pre University programme for 11th & 12th std. exclusively for boys. It identifies intellectual competence, personal growth and spiritual enlightenment as the driving aspirations of holistic development. We aid the realization of the same by emphasizing rigor in the pursuit of academic brilliance and goals.

The ethos of the place is naturally conducive to the development of personal growth. A vibrant student body and a diverse teaching fraternity make for an ideal setting in evolving interpersonal and societal skills.

Christ PU College Residential strives in creating diverse, highly talented students who challenge each other to achieve their full potential and still remain as one family.

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