Christ P.U.College - Residential


While strong academic performance is expected from all students, Christ PU College - Residential places special emphasis on well rounded interest of student. The College works closely with the students to ensure their holistic development.

  • Students are motivated to explore their interests and involve themselves in various forms of Associations and forums created by the college. It assists student’s problems through it’s counseling services. To extend its support in a healthier manner, the college takes keen interest in coaching students for competitive exams and value added programs.

    The environment builds an evergreen platform, which encourages and stimulates healthy interaction and exchange of ideas between

  • students. It helps students discover their latent talents.

    This kind of participation in student life provides balance and perspective to stimulate classroom learning. After all, learning from other cultures, experiencing different ways to approach and solve problems, gaining exposure to varying intellectual views, and meeting interesting people are all important and can only improve the ways in which the students will interact with the world they will encounter after they leave our campus.