Christ P.U.College - Residential

Extra Curricular Activities

The programme design of the college is based on the belief that the ultimate endeavour is to prepare students for higher education when they leave the portals of P U College, imbibe the right attitudes and necessary skills to excel in the competitive environs of higher learning.

Competitive Entrance Exams

The College arranges special coaching for students who wish to appear for competitive entrance examinations for CET, IIT, TOEFL etc required for admission to universities / colleges in India or overseas.

Inter-House Events - Learning to Lead…Leading to Learn

A host of varied extra curricular activities punctuates the academic year throughout. Plethora of activities hosted by different houses led by Student Captains provides the students with the opportunity to discover their latent talents and hone them to perfection. Every house is captained by a House Captain and a House Prefect on a rotational basis. While they learn to accept and shoulder responsibility, it helps them build confidence in their ability to handle responsibility, thus preparing them for their future roles.

Acceleration Programs

Excel: It is a personality development programme that trains students in essential skills. Program on life skills and training for competitive examinations are imparted through this programme.

Olympiad: It is a set of examinations conducted at the regional, national and at the international level by the Human Resources Development Ministry in association with the Institute of fundamental Research at Homi Baba Centre for Science Education to encourage students. The National Science Olympiad is conducted in all the core subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology) Meritorious students receive cash prizes, certificates and scholarships from the central government to help, aid and foster the spirit of scientific enquiry.

Value Education: Today, the world is moving at such a fast pace that we rarely find time to enhance and impart the values passed onto us since time immemorial. It is really necessary for all educational institutions to work on this grey area. In this connection, the institution along with teachers, counselors, parents become the pillars that hold the values for students' benefit. In this connection, the Christ fraternity is providing regular classes to enhance the values of our youngsters.


Developing a sense of responsibility and sensitivity towards ground and social realities.

Instilling a sense of belonging for the nation, institution, family, peer group, siblings, etc.

Inculcating noble thoughts and help them overcome base thoughts.

Facilitating the emergence of value consciousness in students and empowering them to take concrete decisions.