Christ P.U.College - Residential

Association & Forums

Christ PU Residential believes that academic curriculum constitute only two dimensions of learning. The thrust is on holistic development of an individual. Various activities in the form of Associations and Forums are incorporated along with the curriculum enabling a platform for the students to relate their ideas and concepts to real life.

Rationale - Science Forum

This forum is instrumental in building the rational and scientific temperament of the student. The objective of Rationale is implemented through seminars, training programme, debates and discussions followed by a visit to a botanical garden, museum, industry, etc. Every Saturday is exclusively scheduled for these activities.

Parisara - Eco Club

The primary focus of the club is to inculcate eco – consciousness and to prune eco-friendly students. It deals various topical issues like pollution, Green–house effect, deforestation, etc. Apart from generating awareness, the club is also actively involved in planting saplings during Vanamahotsava, organizing trekking for students to appreciate nature at its best, conducting seminars, collaborating with various Governmental and NGOs involved in protecting the ecosystem, etc. The eco club also implements segregation of wastes as biodegradable and non-biodegradable.

Commerce Association

Commerce Association is instituted to create an interface for healthy interaction and evolving various skills to face the challenges of B-schools in future. Association activities are co-ordinated by the representatives of various classes under the guidance of a staff coordinator. The Commerce wall magazine “COM. MAG”, published biannually, highlights the association activities and achievements. The association conducts educational trips, usually inside the city limits, enabling students to explore the world beyond curriculum.

Capacity - Building Programmers

To broaden the horizons of the students apart from the text - based knowledge, Christ Residential offers a whole new range of programmes that seek to build students’ capacities to pursue new lines of inquiry in their engagement with issues concerning their lives. Debates, discussions, exercise, reading and writing, which underpin the programmes, are designed to broaden their interests and concerns.

Literary Club

It seeks to provide students with explicit guidance, through discussions, examples, and exercises, in reading well and using it in their writing. Through its varied activities, the club also aims at equipping and stimulating the students to write and reflect on new topics on their own.

Film Club

With the growing influence of media on students, there is a dire need to alert them to the mechanics as well as to the nuances of engaging with various media. The club incorporates current debates on the role of media vis-à-vis the identity-formation process among teenagers and young adults. Through examination of a variety of media products, the club participates in transfiguring the students from being passive recipients into active readers of media-related messages.

Quiz Club

While the club upholds the spirit of quizzing, the students are also guided by various competitions in honing their quizzing skills. It forms a platform for the buffs as well as the aspirants to participate and showcase their talent at various inter-collegiate and open competitions.

Samskruthi - a Cultural Forum

A cultural forum designed to emphasise diverse cultures through different activities like painting, music, skit, debates, creative writing, etc. Students are encouraged, trained and facilitated to participate in these events. These activities teach the students to accept challenges, compete fairly, and emerge victorious. Thus the student’s talents have been consistently honed, and their growth rendered complete.