Christ P.U.College - Residential

Our Family

Christ PU College Residential envisions values of "Excellence and Service" as attendant to imparting education. We believe that excellence is achieved only through persistent efforts to better oneself constantly. It achieves meaning and significance only in the fulfillment of one’s social commitment.


Every student who is committed to excellence in its many forms will explore the opportunities offered here and develop his talents to the fullest for the greater service of humanity. We are committed to the practice of shaping future leaders for every endeavour.


Christ Junior College- Residential aims to nurture young minds through holistic development, to widen the global perspective, inter cultural understanding and critical thinking by exposing them to a global education system, to instill compassion, love and tolerance towards all fellow beings for the creation of a peaceful world, to enable them to respect and appreciate diverse perspectives, to display equanimity and be principled, to develop the natural curiosity and inquiry latent in each person, making them open minded, reflective and lifelong learners capable of solving the problems with confidence and approach them as opportunities for growth.


Christ Junior College-Residential envisions to mould leaders who are intellectually competent, spiritually mature, morally upright, psychologically integrated, physically healthy, aesthetically conversant and socially acceptable and hence empowered to champion the cause of justice, love, truth and peace and are ever open to further growth.

Core Value

Christ PU College Residential recognises intellectual competence, personal growth and spiritual enlightenment as the key elements of holistic development. With this perspective, we emphasise on the meticulous approach for attaining academic brilliance and goals. Christ PU College Residential treats character formation, esteem building, and spiritual development as integral to personal skills and lays due emphasis on sharpening the same.

At Christ PU College Residential values of teamwork, empathy, and commitment to society gain significance in conveying for the students an impress of the surrounding world. The ideology of the college is naturally favourable to the development of personal growth. An effervescent student body and a diverse teaching fraternity make a perfect combination in evolving interpersonal and societal skills. The institution is founded on its commitment to the celebration of India’s diverse cultural heritage, and is dedicated to nurturing the sentiment in its students. The backbone of personal growth is a positive and all-embracing value system. We uphold the following as core values essential for an individual’s growth:

Faith in God

Moral uprightness

Love of fellow beings

Social responsibility

Pursuit of excellence